Adequate Restoration of Hiroyuki Miura’s Reputation

We are speaking in the name of “Toshiaki Tanigawa and Shogi lovers group members”. As the group name states, we love Shogi, known as Japanese chess, from bottom of the heart though we have different backgrounds.

Hiroyuki Miura, one of the top professional Shogi players, was suspected of cheating using smart-phone and could not play the game from last October, banned by the Japan Shogi Association (JSA). The third-party inquiry  panel investigated the deed and concluded that the accusation was false.  This false and baseless allegations may involve Akira Watanabe, a title holder, and relevant players. The possibility may exist that the holder manipulated the media and entailed other fellow professional players in order to defend his title. Even now, Hiroyuki Miura’s reputation has not been restored, while Akira Watanabe avoids any  penalties. We think this situation is not fair, and will never be satisfied as long as a fair and independent review, including the inquiry to Akira Watanabe, is not conducted. It is obvious that the review will lead to the normalization and progress in Shogi world.

This incident involves an enormous loss and bad effects on Shogi world.  We sincerely hope that the situation will be changed for the better and really need your help.

We would very much appreciate if you could give us your signature. All the signatures given to us will be delivered by e-mail to JSA.  Furthermore, Toshiaki Tanigawa in person will bring them to the new President of JSA.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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